Thursday November 2, 2017

4:30 p.m.

OHSAA Offices


Present:  Chris Cores, Eric Heitkamp, Mike Gardner, Dianne McCall, Tom Rider, Natalie Schie, Kevin Smith, Joe Matheny, Casey Milligan, Joel Glassburn, Rob Griffith, Jeff Combs, Ken Youngman, Lauren Prochaska, Jerry Snodgrass, Ken Campanizzi


Meeting brought to a start by President Chris Cores mentioning that the current web site needs some all-important updates, including the Board Members page.

·   A printed version of the current page of the Board Members tab from www.ohsgca.org was passed around, and corrections and deletions were made.

o Updates will be available on our web site very soon

New President Chris Cores introduces himself, and gave some background on his career as a golf coach. At this time, other coaches and officials in the room also introduced themselves.


B.  TREASURER’S REPORT (Casey Milligan)

Casey Milligan, Treasurer reported that we are in “very good shape” financially, with just over $32,000 in the account, with some outstanding bills to be paid. He indicated those were basically tournament expenses.

·   Reiterated that we are in solid and sound condition

·   Casey requested sizes for pullovers for Board Members, mentioning that it has been 10-12 years since board members have had a nice pullover to wear.

·   Lunch this year was upgraded to Olive Garden

o This was only $100 more than the pizza that had been done in the past

o This lunch was also provided to the staff of the OHSAA.

·   Chris Cores will need to get his name on the bank account

o Casey and Chris will set aside a time where they both can do this by meeting at the bank.

·   Noted that rules officials were paid for by the OHSAA.

C.  State Tournament Review

·   Chris mentioned that NorthStar was fantastic, and that the weather for both weekends was historical for Ohio State Golf Championships, and it was evident as the scores were at all-time lows and it allowed the participants to showcase their abilities.

·   Jerry Snodgrass (Golf Representative, OHSAA) mentioned some changes were made this year at the tournament

·   The need to bring USGA officials in for the Rules was a necessity, but felt like we did a nice job of blending the new procedure into the tournament.

·   This added a tremendous expense to running the tournament, but that was the price of doing business.

·   Hotels are paid for by the working USGA officials for the two days they worked.

·   Also purchased radios for communication

·   Asked that any radios not returned, please be returned.

·   Looking ahead

·   Scarlet is having a difficult time closing the golf course on two weekends in October

·   Noted that OSU Football was out of town

·   Currently under one more year of the current contract.

·   Would we consider looking at alternative dates?

·   e.g. Wednesday/Thursday/Friday

·   Live Scoring

·   Would like to see this done next year with at least one division

·   Looking at a program such as BirdieFire to do this.


Ken Mentioned that he will be stepping down from his role with the OHSAA State Tournament.  He was thanked for his time and service by the board members.

He went on to mention that the Pace of Play, especially for the girls DI on Saturday was excellent.


Casey mentioned the pace of play was charted by the USGA. This copy was available and was passed around the meeting.

·       Only 3 groups of the 48 were over 5 hours.

·       Last group came in at 5:20 on Saturday

o   Mentioned that typically the individual groups will play much slower

·       Most of the groups were charted between 4:30 and 4:50.

o   Overall the pace of play this weekend was very good.


Jeff Mentioned that live scoring would be a welcomed addition

Congratulated all involved in helping make the state tournament a great event.

Mentioned the importance of keeping it at Ohio State University, and the prestige that comes with such an event.

Commented that the USGA officials were a great idea.


Spent a few minutes to recognize and congratulate those coaches sitting on the board that had teams or individuals that participated in the State Tournament. Ken Campanizzi

Left the tournament very impressed by the USGA officials


H. Comments from President (Chris Cores)

a.     Coach of the Year awarded to

                                            i.     Mike Nichaus from Glen Este, now West Clairmont (Boys)

                                           ii.     Cris Baker from Waterford. (Girls)

I. Clinic Update (Joe Glassburn)

a.     Spoke about adding a new topic of interest this spring. Fitness and Nutrition.

                                            i.     Maybe look at using different topics and cycle through them

b.     Looking at adding additional vendors

c.     Consider move of location

                                            i.     Consideration of NorthStar

1.     Concerned about space and weather

                                           ii.     Consideration of Ohio Wesleyan University Facilities, including Oakhaven

1.     Concerned about it not being centrally located.

Chris Cores

·       Alarmed by the number of non members participating at the State Tournament with teams or individuals

·       Need to look at new ways to get membership

·       Consider more onsite clinic/drills

o   Mentioned that Coach Darr and Coach Whithaus had done this in the past

·       We are lacking the “hook” that the rules clinic provided for us.

·       Questioned if we should look at a change of date

·       Used to be an “out of school day”

o   But testing, school budget concerns, and other issues have made this difficult.

·       More dialog continued on how to better the clinic and give members something of value when attending

·       Currently will stick with current date and facility

·       However, will look to add “Places to play” at a reduced rate for coaches on their way home on Monday afternoon.

J. Old Business (Chris Cores)

·       Discussion on going to a Regional Format

·       The importance of trying to have the best representation at the State Tournament

·       This would “not guarantee” spots for Districts.

Jerry Snodgrass

·       The difficulty of having a “best of the best” State Tournament

o   Geographic based tournaments

·       Can’t have an equal number from each district based on numbers of teams in each district. (A handout was provided that clearly spells out the process currently being used for State Golf Tournament representation)

·       A regional model is being used in other sports currently

o   State is divided into 4 quadrants, but lines WOULD NOT be drawn as perpendicular.

§  These lines would change with EMIS years as well.

K. Old Business (Ken Youngman)

a.     A card was signed for Steve Hatfield. He was very appreciative of the card

L. Hall of Fame & Sportsmanship Awards

a.     These awards are rotational, and this year the following will be represented:

                                            i.     Boys – Southwest (will then go to the Central)

                                           ii.     Girls – Southeast (will then go to the Southwest)

                                         iii.     Distinguished Service – Southwest -> Central

b.     George Valentine Award

                                            i.     Began in 2008

1.     Casey mentioned the award was created to a State person who represented and exhibited the characteristics that George was so well known for

a.     Gentleman

b.     Integrity

c.     Avid in the development of junior golf

2.     Criteria was read by Joe Matheny. These requirements can be found online at www.ohsgca.org.

3.     Frank Laudonia (not present) mentioned to board members that he was concerned last spring that he was not receiving many nominations.

a.     Casey elaborated on the following:

                                                                                                  i.     Nominations come from District Representatives (this form can be downloaded from the web site)

                                                                                                 ii.     These then get forwarded to Frank

                                                                                               iii.     Frank calls Casey to verify membership

                                                                                               iv.     Recommended as a member of the association for 15 years (12 as a head coach)

                                                                                                 v.     One nomine per district

c.     Coach of the Year Award

                                            i.     Shall be determined on a rotation of State Champion. (Starting with Division I)

1.     There shall be two divisions for girls, and three for boys

A motion was made by Casey –

The Coach of the Year award shall be based on previous years State Champion. This award can be won only once (1). In the event of a repeat winner, the award will be given by the discretion of the Board.

Motion – Casey Milligan
Second – Kevin Smith

Brought to a vote – passed unanimously

This process will begin in 2018.

M. District Concerns:

Northeast – Dianne McCall

·       Questioned the start date for competition next fall

o   Would we consider a move from 8/6/18 (Monday) to 8/4/18 (Saturday)

·       Disappointed by the lack of knowledge on basic rules by coaches

o   Mentioned some rules that seem to pop up often and need addressed

§  Could we make a video to show and prioritize this with the required video shown on rules given by the OHSAA.

§  A quiz at the end of the teaching tool

·       Similar to that of the concussion tool

Casey asked Jerry Snodgrass if we can add questions (even survey questions) to the end of the rules video.

·       Why have we seen NE Girls Division I and Division II drop from 5 to 4 and 3 to 2 for State Representation

o   Mr. Snodgrass mentioned that you can now find that information is the supplied handout (Golf Tournament Representation)


            Southwest – Jeff Combs

·       Can we do “Match Play” for every single match if we wished to do so?

o   It can act like a Mercy Rule?

·       Match play has been a very positive addition to our schedule.


Southeast – Rob Griffith

·       Has there been any consideration for assistant coaches to have permission to coach and instruct golf teams.

o   Joe Matheny mentioned that anyone can coach, but that it must be a board approved from each school district. (not necessarily a head coach)

·       Casey mentioned that there are only 2 events all year long where there is inequity. The District and State Tournaments.

·       We are not ready to move on a topic like this without further discussion.

·       Asked representatives to take this to their Districts and look for feedback.


Central - Joe Glassburn and Chris Cores

·       The Central district are big proponents of the Regional model.

·       Would like to see an increase in the number of representatives at the State Tournament

NOTE: This then began discussion involving the number of teams and individuals qualifying for the State Tournament and if we would consider adding more teams to the State Tournament

·       Currently we are at 12 teams and individuals for each gender and division.

·       theoretically” there is room for more.

o   Discussion of pros and cons

§  Daylight, tee times, weather delays)


Joe Matheny made a motion:

To submit a proposal to The Ohio High School Athletic Association to have 16 teams and individuals from both the boys and girls and all Divisions qualify for the State Tournament.

Joe Matheny Motions
Jeff Combs Seconds

Opposed – Casey Milligan, and Kevin Smith

All others – In favor


Discussion continued:

·       Challenges are daylight

·       Can a shot gun start be a possibility

o   Typically most championships at all levels are started with tee times on holes 1 and 10.

o   A shot gun start is available for emergency situations.


Mike Gardner - Northwest

Items that were brought to the table by the Northwest District included:

·       Having more than one coach be able to talk and coach players

·       Would like to know more of what a Regional model would look like

·       Would like to see more instruction at the Clinic in May.

o   Tour the OSU indoor facility

·       Clarity in the coaching rule.

o   Seemed to be two different publications with variations to the wording.

§  Lauren Prochaska will go back into the State Regulations and update.

·       Procedure on how to handle parents/spectators that are walking/talking too closely with participants.

o   They get one warning

§  A second time will be asked to remove themselves from the contest.

N. Miscellaneous

a.     Clinic date for 2018 is tentatively scheduled for May 6, and May 7, 2018


Mike Gardner Motions

Ken Campanizzi Second